StableBuild maintains historical and current software packages across Docker, Python, Debian, Ubuntu and custom repositories, to guarantee that your software builds every time. 

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Freeze containers in seconds

Make your existing builds deterministic in <5 lines of code. No changes to your architecture required.

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Docker mirror

Protect against base images being overwritten or deleted in Docker Hub; and pull without rate limits.

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Pin apt/apk packages

Daily mirror of the complete Ubuntu, Debian and Alpine package registry, plus the most popular PPAs.

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Pin Python packages

Daily mirror of the complete PyPi registry, to fully pin Python dependencies.
Works with Pip and Poetry.

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Pin any file

Easily pin any dependency you pull from the internet. Make any file or URL immutable in a single line of code.

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Globally hosted

All repositories and mirrors are served through CloudFlare's CDN, for lowest latency and highest reliability.